Who is the new President and what is he going to do?

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President's Newsletter November 2011

The New President – Who am I?

LGT 80 x107Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lawrence Tristram known in Rotary as Tris and I have been a Rotarian for about 25 years. I am a PP of the RC of Bordon and am now the President Nominee of the RC of Petersfield in District 1110 in RIBI. I have served on my District in the past. I am a member of five Fellowships including being a Charter member of ROTI (Rotarians On The Internet). I was introduced to RSFI at the RI Convention in Birmingham UK in 2009 by our Charter President Marlene Daniels (who is now our Treasurer) and I would like to thank both Marlene and PP Gary Winzeler for

all their hard work and service from the start. There is a new organisation chart which can been downloaded from the Documents Section of our web site http://rsfinternational.org

The Way Ahead

When I heard that PP Gary was resigning and that I was to take up the role of President I started thinking about the future of our Fellowship (I can almost hear the groans – Oh no, a new President, what’s he going to do?).
First I would like to make it easier for us to find fellow members and I I expect to have a membership list available on the web site towards the end of this month which will default into order by District and Club. This will make it easier to find others who may be attending District Conference, to find others in Clubs that we may be visiting and could show where there are sufficient numbers in an area to form new Chapters.

Second, as RI President Kalyan Banerjee said at New Orleans, I believe that we can improve our networking. We already have a page on Facebook so all you who already use Facebook can “Like” that page and start using it as a means of contacting each other. For those of us who do not wish to join Facebook I will be starting a Yahoo Group whereby we can contact each other and conversations can be carried out by email. The latter works very well in ROTI.
Finally, the big one. When PP Marlene was giving me encouragement for the future she reminded me of a question I had asked in New Orleans – What do we get out of membership of the Fellowship? I want to turn that around and ask – What do you want to get out of this Fellowship? By the time you get this newsletter that question will be on our Facebook page and will, as soon as we have the group up and running it will appear there.

I look forward to the future.

Convention in Bangkok

Unfortunately I am unable to be in Bangkok but I do reiterate PP Gary’s request for assistance in manning our booth. I have found that this Fellowship is a great way to meet people from all around the world and become friends with them.


With e-mail being the preferred method of communication these days please let your Secretary Madu Bishnu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know of any changes. Please also tell her if you change clubs or have to leave the fellowship.
Yours in Rotary Fellowship

Tris Tristram

Our mailing address is:

Rotarian Singles Fellowship International 49 Roxburghe Close

Hampshire GU35 9QZ United Kingdom