Newsletter July 2014


Dear All,

C14 Sydney logoThe RI Convention in Sydney was a great success, we had 30 new members and so our thoughts turn to Sao Paolo  and I want to invite all of you thinking about coming and those of you who are coming to complete the survey on our website at . We are intending to get us all into one hotel and we want to know if you want to join us there. In addition we want to know who wants to share a room and help keep the cost down! We are also going to have a table for RSFI at one of the main dinners, tell us if you want to join us. Finally we are planning a tour, do you want to join us? All of these questions are in the survey on the website just click on 'Surveys' then on 'Soa Paolo Convention Poll'.

Talking of the website I notice that of the 292 members I emailed with their login details only 75 have actually logged in. All other accounts are disabled now and you will need to reply to the email so I can re-enable you. This will become important shortly as I have been looking at the constitution and I will need to have a ballot on it. We will also need the election of a Vice-President soon. Both votes can be done on-line but I will restrict them to members who have logged in. This will provide some security that only members can vote and I can restrict that to one vote each.

In the Members Directory (only accessible after logging in!) we have only 221 members who have told us their City, Club and District. Others have only given partial information. One of the benefits of logging in to view the Members Directory is to be able to find other members if you are travelling. One of the main benefits of membership of the Fellowship. When you log in you can also view and amend your details. However if you change your email address please let me know by email so I can keep the list up to date. Nearly every time I send out a newsletter I get some 20 - 25 bounced emails, many of which I cannot find a correction for. Regrettably if there is no email connection we lose members.

Please let me know of any RSFI Events or publicity the happen near you so we can include then in a future newsletter. Also tell us about your club, district or country, again to go into a newsletter.

That is all for the moment, I look forward to lots of emails telling me you have taken the survey (the system automatically notifies me when the survey is done), even more emails requesting access for logging on, and many telling me your news. I would even like to receive emails telling me you have read this!

Yours in Rotary Fellowship

Lawrence 'Tris' Tristram

President, Rotarian Singles Fellowship International

RC Four Marks and Medstead, District 1110